for Peter Bis (Washington, DC)

Peter Bis was a homeless person who used to greet passersby on their way to and from Union Station (the train station and metro stop in Washington, DC).  

He was enormously friendly and had a wry sense of humor.  He was there rain or shine, every day of the year for years until he passed away a few months ago. I used to look forward to our greetings when I'd walk by there on my way to work and then back home in the evening.  

I included some of the memorials left by his tree by people who also enjoyed his company.  He was a humanizing touch in the midst of the city's hustle and bustle.  I still think of him when I pass his tree, it makes me sad to think his cheery hello's are now just the stuff of memory.

—Thank you Dan B. (We love him now too).

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