South Africa!

The first, outside a hospital close to my flat, which is also close to the local train station. Most of the staff walk from the station to the hospital past the corner where I put up the poster, and in the five minutes I was there, a nurse had already commented: "Yes, it's rough here."

The second poster is up on a DB box on a busy intersection. Our city is riddled with posters from "traditional healers" who promise to find/bring back lost lovers, penis enlargement, to put curses on your enemies etc., (even some promising safe abortions). 

The last poster is on our varsity campus, on a wall dedicated specifically to students who want to advertise or campaign something. The poster seems so small next to the large lettering advertising a local trance festival, but it's more in the line of sight of passers-by.

From Marie C 
Pretoria, South Africa